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Pomsky Breeder in Nebraska


What is a Pomsky?

Pomskies are a newer designer breed of dogs resulting from the breeding of a Siberian Husky with a Pomeranian. F1a are first-generation Pomskies that are the result of breeding a purebred Pomeranian with a purebred Siberian Husky, thus giving in return a Pomsky puppy that is 50% Pomeranian and 50% Husky. Due to size differences, this is accomplished by using artificial insemination of a Siberian Husky female with a Pomeranian male. Our F1b Pomskies are 75/25 (75% Pomeranian and 25% Husky). This is possible by breeding a 50/50 Pomsky with a Purebred Pomeranian. Here at Pet Pomsky, our goal is to produce Pomskies that keep the look of a Siberian Husky, but in a much smaller (and hopefully fluffier) package.    



How big are Pomskies?

50/50 Pomskies generally tend to have an average weight around 15 to 35 pounds as adults, although they can weigh a bit more or less depending on the size and genetics of the parents. Our 75/25 (75% Pomeranian 25% Husky) Pomskies generally have an average weight around 10-20 pounds as adults, but just like with humans there can be some variability. Pomsky females tend to on average be smaller than Pomsky males just like Siberian Huskies. On our litters, we try to give an individualized estimate of the adult weight range of each puppy based upon the puppy's current weight, the parent's weight, and the puppy's gender. The best thing about Pomsky size is the fact that they can be suitable in different environments.  They make great house dogs whether you live in a smaller apartment or bigger sized home as long as they get enough exercise and playtime.



What is the temperament of a Pomsky?

Pomsky puppies can have traits from both breeds of a Pomeranian and husky. Pomeranians are intelligent, alert, buoyant, and love to be the center of attention. Huskies are smart, loyal, full of energy, and fun-loving dogs. These traits make Pomskies great family originated pets!



Do Pomsky puppies have certain health problems? 

So far no signs of increased health complications have shown, but considering it is a newer breed we still have quite a bit to discover and learn. Pomskies come with a similar risk of health problems associated with Siberian Huskies and Pomeranians. We would love it if buyers would keep us updated every so often to see how their pets are doing.  



How do I get a Pomsky from you?

We list our puppies at around 5 weeks of age so that way eye color can more accurately be determined since some puppies eye colors change while they are young. Announcements will first be made on Facebook and through an email once the puppies are available for purchase, hence why we recommend liking our Facebook page.  We also recommend that if you are interested in possibly getting a Pomsky from us someday to let us know your contact email. We do send email notifications to people once we have new litters and once the litters become available to adopt. We also will update our website once the Pomsky puppies become available to adopt. Those who contact us first after we list the puppies will be given first priority. If there is a tie (sometimes there are multiple people interested in a certain puppy right that contact us right away as the litter is listed), we give the 1st priority to who contacted us first initially about our puppies. A $400 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a puppy. After that, we require the rest of the payment in full prior to the puppy's departure. If we haven't received the remainder of the payment (or at least proof that the payment is on the way) within 3 weeks then the puppy will again become available for adoption (unless have made plans to pay in cash in person). Puppies are only available to be picked up or shipped once they are over 8 weeks old. 



Do you offer shipping? 

It is preferred that people pick their puppy up in person, but we totally understand that may not always be a feasible option especially for those that live far away. Therefore, we can ship your new puppy to a major airport closest to you through (Delta or American Airlines) Pet Cargo Shipping anywhere in the USA for $315. If you would rather drive to pick up your puppy in Nebraska in person, there is no additional charge to the listed price of the puppy. Occasionally we are willing to drive a puppy up to a couple hours to meet someone at no additional price depending on our availability that day. However, we are willing to accommodate you with whichever option you prefer.

Can a Pomsky have their eye color change?

Yes, like Siberian Huskies, Pomsky puppies occasionally have their eye color change. If these eye color changes are to take place, typically it will happen during the 3rd or 4th week. This is part of the reason why we wait to list our puppies until they are 5 weeks of age so we can be more accurate in determining eye color as once they reach this age they will typically keep their same eye color if their eye color is showing up strong at this age. However, there have been a few reported cases of Siberian Husky puppies having their eye color change later clear up to 16 weeks of age.



Do you require a neuter/spay agreement?

The prices we have listed are pet prices. Therefore, we do require you to sign a neuter/spay agreement saying you agree to neuter/spay your puppy (and send us neuter/spay certificate from veterinarian) before 8 months of age unless you choose to pay an extra $600 for breeding rights (or to waive neuter/spay agreement). 



Do you offer a health guarantee?

We do provide buyers of our puppies with a 15 month health guarantee that covers serious congenital and hereditary disorders. 



Do you allow visitors?

We typically don't allow visitors because newborn puppies are very susceptible to viruses so we try to limit their exposure as much as possible during their first couple months while their immune system develops. Also, these puppies tend to get bought very fast once we list them and we are willing to take lots of pictures/videos of the puppies to help people make their decisions. However, if a puppy would happen to still be available at eight weeks of age then at that point we would allow visitors, as by then we feel confident in the puppy's immune systems being developed.      



What does the cost of a Pomsky puppy include?

The puppy will have been vet checked with a health certificate before departure as well as current on all age-appropriate vaccinations and dewormings. If you request your puppy to be shipped, we will provide an airline-approved travel kennel for the flight.  A starter supply of food will also be provided. We do also offer a health guarantee on genetic health problems up to when the puppy reaches 15 months of age.



What payment methods do you offer?  

For the initial $400 deposit to reserve your preferred puppy, we accept payments by credit/debit card or through PayPal. We will email you an invoice that allows you to pay by your method of choice. For the remainder of the payment, we accept credit/debit card, PayPal, cashier's check, or cash (only if picking up in person). There is a 3% processing fee for payment by credit/debit card and Paypal. You can initially choose to pay just the $400 deposit or you can pay in full. Just know that if you later change your mind on getting the puppy, the $400 deposit is non-refundable (unless a health problem arises prior to the puppy leaving).  We do not typically accept personal checks as these can take up to weeks to clear.



Do you offer financing on payments?

We do not offer financing or monthly payments. However, if you choose to pay by PayPal, they do offer PayPal Credit. This allows a person to not have to make a payment in full right away and instead you can just make monthly payments over a period of 6 to 18 months if you qualify. Here is their link for more information: https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/credit-easy-payments-static1#tab



Why do Pomsky puppies cost so much?

Pomsky breeders tend to get this question a lot. Pomskies are a designer hybrid that are notoriously challenging to produce (especially Pomskies with the popular markings and small in size). If you look around, our Pomsky puppy prices are in line or lower than most other reputable dog breeders. It takes a lot of time, research, and money to perfect the breeding of Pomskies. 



Do you allow visits?

Visits are only allowed on rare occasions, usually only if the puppies are over 8 weeks old and still available. It would be a health risk to expose young, unvaccinated puppies to all the people who want to see Pomsky puppies. We also wouldn't want to subject our dams to the stress of having so many strangers around her young puppies.